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I met Cristin on a local Facebook Group for Moms as she and her husband were considering selling their house and building something new. We got to know each other a bit through that process and we had such a good time! She’s got the sweetest kids and I’m so excited to work with her on our next Disney adventure!! Check out our interview below and keep her in mind the next time you’re thinking about skipping town for a relaxing get-away or your next family vacation!! -Rachael

Where are you from originally and how long have you lived in town?
I am originally from a small town called Ooltewah, about 30 minutes outside of Chattanooga. I
grew up there and moved to Nashville after college in 2008.

Tell us about your children!
I have 2 children. My son, Abraham, is four and my daughter, Eve is two.

What is one thing people would be surprised to know about you…
One thing people are always intrigued to know is that I was once a flight attendant. I worked for
United on their smaller regional jets. You know…those planes with no leg room where you have
to fight for the arm rest and there’s only one flight attendant? I went to places like Peoria, Illinois
and Fargo, North Dakota. It was a memorable experience, both wonderful and grueling at the
same time. I lived in Chicago with my then fiance and we loved just hopping on the metro and
exploring the city. As a new flight attendant you have to pay your dues working late shifts and
holidays, living the on call life and dropping everything if the airline needed me that day. In the
end, it wasn’t the life for me although it did afford me some great memories for my life’s highlight
reel, like whale watching on an impromptu trip to Hawaii and rooftop hopping with my best friend
in NYC.

Whats a Time-Saving Hack you could share with other Moms?
As an entrepreneur and a mom, time is always of the essence. Mobile ordering is my biggest
time saver. If it can be ordered ahead of time, I will do it. Many restaurants and businesses
allow you to do this through their apps, which can consequently allow you to rack up reward
points. Hands down the best experience I’ve had mobile ordering was on my most recent family
vacation to Disney World. My kids were ravenous, food lines were long and tables were sparse.
We decided to quickly snag a table. My husband was able to get our kids settled and throw a
few snack pouches their way while I ordered our food via the Disney app. We were able to
escape the whirlwind, quarantine our chaos and effectively salvage everyone’s sanity.

What is the best advice you have received as a Mom?
I read somewhere once “You’re not raising a boy, you’re raising a man.” At the time, my son
was only an infant. He was nothing short of perfection and I hadn’t given any thought to the day
he would wonder about the world beyond his world. I realized that one day he wouldn’t need me
and I thought, “What would I want for him on that day?” It was a harsh truth for a new mother,
but I realized it is my charge as his mother to raise an empowered, compassionate and self
sufficient human being. This advice I treat almost as my mantra. reminding myself to take a
step back sometimes and allow my children to flourish in their successes and, at times, feel the
the sting of their disappointments.

Anyone special you’d like to thank in helping you through parenthood?
In regards to gratitude, top billing must go to my husband. I’m so thankful to have a partner that
understands the importance of good mental health. As moms we give so much of ourselves and
it can be easy to neglect our own needs. When things get rough for me, I feel confident that my
children are in extremely capable hands when I take the space needed to recharge. Beyond our
home, the village that is our support system is phenomenal. I am so grateful for our families and
their commitment to love our children fiercely.

Favorite things to do with your kids in the Nashville area or local to your suburb?
We just recently moved to the Cane Ridge area and there is a brand new park less than a
minute from our house. It has walking trails, a playground and all the rocks, sticks and mud one
might need for a truly successful day out. That’s where you can find us most days. I love having
them out in nature, but being outside is also great for my mental space. It’s a win-win for

Are you involved in a business venture, a local organization, a creative endeavor, or in the corporate world?
I’m a travel agent with a passion for helping busy families make the most of their time together. I
specialize in crafting extraordinary Disney vacations uniquely personalized for every client. I’ve
experienced Disney through the seasons, celebrated during the holidays and attended a flourish
of festivals. Most people come to me when they are overwhelmed with the sheer amount of
decisions a Disney vacation requires. They feel a pressure to make their hard earned vacation
dollars count and harbor the fear of missing out. My job is to be the expert of all things Disney
so that my clients don’t have to be. By providing personalized expertise, my clients have the
opportunity to experience the joy of every moment and can focus on making lasting family

How has the Nashville community been instrumental in getting you to where you are now?
I have to say it’s the Nashville Moms out there that have had the most impact on where I am
today. I belong to a few Mom Facebook groups and it’s a great community to be a part of for so
many reasons. Moms are the most resourceful group of people on the planet. You need
recommendations, moms have you covered! Looking for family advice from someone that’s
been in your shoes, moms are here for it. The best part is women empowering women, because
together we can create a better world for the little reasons we are moms in the first place. Sure
it’s cheesy, but it’s true.


Thank you for spending some time with us Cristin! You can keep Up with Cristin and Mouse on Main Travel on any of the platforms below!

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